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Marina di Paola graduated as a Production Designer at the University of El Salvador and as a Theatrical Make up Artist in the Colon Opera House.

She was awarded the Fulbright scholarship obtaining a P.H.D. in design for films. She studied in M.A. Massachusetts School of Art, New York Academy of Arts and Parsons School of Visual Arts.


She started working in the film industry assisting Emilio Basaldua and Roger Hall in Russell Mulcahy’s HIGHLANDER II. She also worked as an assistant In LIVING KILLS directed by Bebe Kamin and HOSTAGE by Robert Young.

She was hired as Set Dresser in THE SOUTH directed by Carlos Saura, YOU WILL SOON BE A SHADOW directed by Hector Olivera and FOREIGN AFFAIRS produced by Endemol Netherlands.

She worked as an Art Director in Carlos Saura’s TANGO, Maria Luisa Bemberg-Alejandro Macci’s THE IMPOSTOR , Beda Docampo Feijoo’s THE WORLD AGAINST ME and Rony Yu’s BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE.

She worked as Production Designer with the following directors: Martin Romanella (CANDELLA), Paula Hernandez ( INHERITANCE) , Tomas Yankelevich ( LIVING AND TRYING), Juan Bautista Stagnaro ( THE SEVENTH ARCANGEL), Julia Solomonoff ( SISTERS), Juan Taratuto, (NOBODY SAYS IT ‘S EASY), Paula Hernandez (EVA) , Alejandro Chomski (SLEEP UNDER THE SUN),  Albertina Carri (23 PAIRS), Alejandro Montiel (UN PARAISO PARA LOS MALDITOS), Daniela Goggi (ABSURDAH).

She worked with Directors of Photography such as Vittorio Storaro, Ricardo Aronovich, Mathew Libatique, Ramiro Chivita , Hang San Poon,Sol Lopatin, Jose Luis Alcaine,  Alex Barber, Nicola Pecorini, among others.


She has worked with directors such as Spike Lee (USA), Michael Houssman (USA), Tom Carthy (UK), Paul Gore (UK), Paul Cade (USA), Babak Goodazi (UK),Werner Dammen (Netherlands ) Cristoph Navarre (France), Mathieu Montovani (France), Andy Fogwill (Argentina), Jeff Madoff (USA), Diego Kaplan (Argentina), Pablo Croce (USA), Giussepe Capotondi (Italy), Ferragut (Spain), Rene Villar Rios & Jhon Vogel (USA), Si & Ad (U.K), among others.


She worked  with regiseur Emilio Basaldua in the Colon Opera House as set dresser in Mahogany and in Bodas de Sangre (Blood Weddings)


She took part on the Berlin Film Festival Talent Campus specialized on production design in the year 2004.

Finalist in the 2005 on the Berlin Today Award Short Film Competition.

She has also designed the commercial image of Al Rio, Patagonia Land Art Sanctuary and Armani’s “The New Normal” website campaign for Argentina.


She took part in the Massachusetts College of Art school show at the time of her Fullbright scholarship.

She studied Art with artist Sara Mansilla and Resin Sculptures with Lili Esses.

On July 2008 and August 20012, she held an exhibition at the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Museum of Art.

On september 2015 she held a solo exhibition at the Ohpen Gallery in Palermo, Buenos Aires.

She also showed her works at P.I.N.T.A. (Contemporary Latin American Art Fair) in the Aina Nowack Gallery (Spain) who represents her till today.